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Welcome to The Starter Farm


The Starter Farm is really about my journey to becoming a farmer. Since I was young, growing plants always amazed me. The idea that you could take a small seed, put it in the ground, this green plant would grow, these globes of green then red would form and finally you could pick these things and eat them confounded me. I always knew that I wanted a farm and The Starter Farm is my dream realized. Presently, we have a herd of dwarf dairy goats that include three breeds, Nigerian Dwarfs, Pygmy and Kinder, which is a cross of Mini Nubians and Pygmy. For now these goats are for weed & grass management (fancy way of saying lawn movers) and pets. They will provide milk and cheese for our personal consumption and in the future new goat kids for others that share our love of them. We have a flock of chickens that provide eggs, a horse named Gator that provides entertainment and a couple of dogs that provide love. We grow lots of specialty vegetables and flowers with plans in the near future to expand our operation for small farm production.


I feel like I’ve been telling this story my whole life. Finally, I am putting pen to paper to see where it leads. I hope you will enjoy the adventure with me. Welcome to The Starter Farm. – Mark Donofrio