The Starter Farm


Chief of Security and Pest Management Ali’i enforces security around the farm serving as alarm specialist, animal guardian and gopher control.  This Australian Shepherd also assists in  herding responsibilities for our goat herd.  She also provides endless hugs and affection. [Read More]

The Girls

Insect Management, Compost Production and Egg Providers Our hens convert kitchen scraps and vegetable waste to eggs for the farm while managing harmful insect populations.  In addition, they provide  excellent manure to enrich our compost pile. [Read More]

The Goat Herd

Pasture Management Crew, Dairy Providers and Entertainment Our mixed herd of Nigerian Dwarf, Kinder and Pygmy goats keeps grass and weeds at bay while providing endless hours of entertainment.  Their  milk will provide for future personal cheese production! [Read More]


Head of Pasture Management and Predator Protection Specialist Besides being the handsome model of our farm, Gator is in charge of keeping our pastures trim, protecting our goat herd and keeping time based  on his demanded feeding times. He is our ambassador of the visitor welcome wagon and is a part time therapeutic horse for special needs  children. [Read More]


Farmer, Head Equine Trainer and Therapist Lauren is a recent graduate from the University of Georgia. She studied Public Relations, African Studies and Animal & Dairy Sciences. Lauren’s  love for the outdoors, especially farming, took off when she started riding horses at age 5. Since  then, she has been involved with the care of a  wide range of domestic and farm animals, as well as the land they use.  Her goals on The Starter Farm are to become more acquainted... [Read More]

Mary Ann

Farmer, Head of Animal Care and Pest Management Mary Ann has many years of experience with animal welfare, training and behavior.  On the farm she is responsible for animal quarters design,  care and feed management, along with sharing crop production responsibilities.  She is our innovator on the farm with her construction of effective  pest management techniques and responsible farm practices.  Her hands on experience and background in agriculture make The Starter Farm  possible.  She is also funny. [Read More]


Farmer and Crop Design Manager Mark has always known he was a farmer. From planting tomatoes with his Italian grandfather in suburban NJ to tending an urban garden in  downtown Los Angeles, growing has always been in his blood.  He has spent years in entertainment, public relations and most recently owned the  highly rated Larchmont Grill in Los Angeles for which he grew produce, served as menu consultant and developed a mostly local wine program.  He  has been involved with... [Read More]