The Starter Farm

I want everyone to have a farm (or at least some version of it).

I can’t help myself.  I want to spread the word that happiness exists right here on Earth for almost anyone. This of course is what goes through my head and in my delusional mind that everybody shares the same likes as me or just has not figured it out yet.  I’ve decided that it is my job to spread the word and educate their ignorance.  I’m talking about the joys of the soil, plants, animal friends and all that goes... [Read More]

Guarding Mt. Peach

The clear warm juice runs down my face and I act surprised as if it were the first time I have bitten into the first peach of the season.  It just tastes like summer and all the critters know exactly when they are ready, eager to begin their assault on these prized fruit.  Of course I net the trees, wrapping them like Christmas presents locked with chain mail paper.  The birds begin to work the perimeter looking for weak spots... [Read More]