The Starter Farm

When plants attack

A rose bush attacked me today. I was being an innocent caregiver, a helper to a flower that needed my attention like a visit to the beauty salon.  How could something so beautiful lash out so horribly?  I was just doing what I was told to make it look its best but this bush had other ideas.   The day before, I had tricked Mary Ann to wake up earlier than usual to attend a rose trimming class at our... [Read More]

Coming Home

I’m sitting on a plane returning from a family trip, watching a movie about food, life and vegetables and I’m sobbing.  It’s not a sad movie but I’m welling up in all the wrong places.  At first, I did not know why but slowly it comes to me. I miss home.  I miss the farm and all that it provides.  I’m inspired from this little independent movie and for some reason a sense of renewal is awakening.  The past two... [Read More]