The Starter Farm

Dividing Irises sucks

Most of the time I find myself waxing poetically about life on a farm.  Oh, the joys of raising chickens!  Oh how wonderful the ripe tomatoes taste! Oh the bounty of roses and abundance of fruit from the trees!  But sometime the reality of what it takes to get there is actually work and not always that bundle of kittens that I make it out to be.  Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy most of it but at times... [Read More]

Kindred spirit

I fell in love today.  No my marriage is not ending nor am I in jeopardy of having an affair.  I met a kindred spirit of the farming/gardening type that one is immediately drawn to as a goose recognizing a member of its flock.  I sometimes stop myself when in conversation with “normal folk” talking about farming.  I slip into this rhythm, assume the audience is as fascinated with goat behavior, the life cycle of a carrot or whatever farm... [Read More]