The Starter Farm

Fall’s arrival

It’s too early!  I did not want to notice it.  I tried to ignore it.  I moved a little more into the sun to not feel it creeping in but there is was - fall.  The breeze came out of the west and contained that first start of chill that whispers something new, like a villainous witch, has arrived.  Out of the corner of my eye I noticed a blush on a nearby tree, the tomato plants showed a bit... [Read More]

Garbage 2.0

Today I see clearer.  Things I would have never noticed before now have arrows pointed at them or appear lit up with neon lights.  I’ve learned how much I have wasted in the past and how I can make best of what is available.  Before I had the farm, I thought nothing of throwing away vegetable scraps or running the faucet while water washed away down the drain.  Life is different now. Life feels more real now.  Life is more... [Read More]

A cat worth its weight in gold

You would think they were a dime a dozen in the country, overflowing every shelter from coast to coast in every small town in America.  But in these small towns, unlike their big city cousins, these precious gems are the rarest of the rare with a waiting list a mile long begging for the chance to give them a home.  A purebred bloodhound dog with a razor sharp nose perhaps?  The newest Labradoodle from the most sought-after line? Or maybe... [Read More]