The Starter Farm

What did I do wrong?

The cherry tree did not fruit this year.  The tomatoes plants in the new garden are yellow.  Why does the basil look like Swiss cheese?  How come the apple trees look like they are being burned by a blowtorch?  The small frustrations pile up to the point where irrational thoughts of a yard less condo begin to feel romantic.   I read a lot.  Every piece of literature I can get my hands on about farming I’m on it.   Pruning... [Read More]

Family Heirloom

I still remember sitting with my legs barely touching the floor at the kitchen counter waiting for my mom to slice up that beautiful red orb.  I’m not sure how I fell in love but tomatoes seemed to be ingrained into our Italian Polish background.  Every year the largest portion of our garden was allotted to tomatoes.  I know heirlooms are all the rage now but we grew good old-fashioned Jersey tomatoes.  I think we had Early Girls, definitely Beef... [Read More]