The Starter Farm

Rat in the Barn

It was the wisp of a tail that gave him away.  He thought he was creeping oh so quietly out of the chicken coop.  At first I thought the light was playing tricks on me as I shut in the chickens for the evening but my fears were confirmed as he disappeared into the night.  What was he searching for?  All the grain was sealed tight with just the daily feed in the chicken bowl available.  And the cat, my... [Read More]

Chicken Run

The frantic voice on the other line of the phone forced me to drop my fork.  “You need to be here tomorrow. They get dropped off at 8am, they get put out on the floor at 9am and you need to be here then because they go quick.”  Game on. I had been waiting for this phone call for 4 months.  I was not about to drop the ball but I did hesitate for a minute.  “So, I need to... [Read More]