The Starter Farm

Borrowed Stud

The first question I always get asked by people when I tell them I have dairy goats is “Do you get goat milk or make cheese?”  And then I tell them that as with a human female, a goat must give birth first to produce milk.  You can’t just milk a female goat and expect milk to come out. Then they get it.  Also, milking a goat twice a day is a commitment that I’m not sure I want to... [Read More]

The Great Chili Competition

Usually I get the call in the beginning of December, which I have come to believe is the culmination of a yearlong obsession. “What seeds do you want?  You have to grow the Ghosts.  Definitely you need Thai and Chocolate Habs.  Wait, did the Fatalis from last year do well?  I think I have a few surprise crosses.  Do you want them?  I’m not sure last year’s Scorpions were as hot as the Ghosts.  They have Chocolate Ghosts now!” This... [Read More]