The Starter Farm

First Frost

There it was covering top of the lawn ever so lightly.  Shimmering as first rays of the morning’s light fell across the yard and then it was gone.  Yes, as every gardener knows this time of the year brings the season’s first frost.  We notice the slight burns on summer plants holding out until the first hard frost ends their growth for the season. The Santa Ynez Valley experiences light frost throughout the winter but not for so long that... [Read More]


We lost a chicken today, not “runaway lost” but “died lost.”  Since I’ve had the farm we’ve had to say goodbye to one chicken but it was not one that I brought to the farm, it was Mary Ann’s.  When her chicken was sick and not doing well we debated our options.  There was talk of letting it go by the river for it to meet its maker by coyote but I thought that was too sad.  It had lived... [Read More]