The Starter Farm

Adventures of the Local Farmers’ Market

A trip to the farmers’ market always makes me happy, especially on those rare occasions that I do them alone.  My partner and I surround our selves with family and friends but every once in a while I’m on my own.  There’s something about being alone there that heightens my senses and allows me to absorb the entire scene.    People must think I’m crazy as I walk down the aisles with a huge smile on my face.  I love and... [Read More]

Children at the Farm

I always love when children or even “big kids” visit the farm.  Sometimes working the land and taking care of the animals everyday becomes routine for me. Not in a bad way but I forget how special it is to experience this.  But when children arrive I love the idea of first time experiences and how they will always remember their trip to the farm.  Mary Ann opened my eyes to the specialness of this after a weekend of one... [Read More]

Ali’i, loyal friend and gopher hunter

At the farm, pest management is a daily part of life or rather a daily part of anger, madness and frustration that we use as an excuse to have that extra glass of wine at the end of the day! While we battle creepy earwigs in certain parts of the year, gross snails and slugs year round, pesky ground squirrels constantly, the cute but destructive bunnies, the biggest pain in our butts is the gopher.  Sweet, ugly, destructive rodents that... [Read More]